Yakima Basin
Water Market

Water marketing connects people and natural resources.  Sell, purchase, or lease water for the benefit of your crop, your land, or the environment.

Beginning in March 2019, the Kittitas Reclamation District and it's partner, Trout Unlimited, will be embarking on water market strategy  development process that will last about 18 months.

We would love to hear your thoughts on using a water market strategy to move water around the Yakima Basin. Please leave feedback or join our mailing list to stay current on our research efforts.

The Yakima Basin Integrated Plan is a 30-year, collaborative effort by Basin partners to proactively, inclusively  ensure water is available to meet the needs of a healthy basin.


We are a team committed to the long-term sustainability and resiliency of the farms, fish, and communities in the Yakima Basin. We are being lead by the Kittitas Reclamation District and Trout Unlimited to develop a water market transaction strategy for the Basin.

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